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GDC 2008 and VES Awards

Went finally to GDC for the 1st time last February.
Did a lecture about some of my work for Crysis, and I think it went relatively well.
More than 600 ppl attended according to GDC data o_O

Slides and videos are finally available on Crytek's website...

On the week before GDC went to Hollywood. 
I had the honour to be nominated together with more 3 colleagues from Crytek for 2007's VES Awards in the category of  "Outstanding Real Time Visuals in a VideoGame".
Meet some nice guys from Valve and Bioware and even saw some celebrities like Spielberg.
Didn't win but was an awesome experience anyway :)

And that's all for now.

Tiago Sousa



Real time computer graphics returns !

Welcome to my humble website.
It's the "next-gen" version of my extremelly old website called Real Time Computer Graphics, which I didn't update since my move to Germany/Crytek.
It's dedicated mainly to realtime rendering, but not exclusively.
I've added also a new section called 'Reviews' where I'll write small reviews about books, movies, or games which I find relevant.

Inside Research area you can find some of my personal projects/research,  and in Tutorials you'll find computer graphics related articles/tutorials.
Checkout About section for my resume and read stuff where I shamelessly indulge my ego :)

I'll use the News section whenever there is something new and relevant.
I hope you all enjoy.

Tiago Sousa


Quote of the Week

"The only source of knowledge is experience"
Albert Einstein